I am looking to sell

At Accounts For Sale we endeavour to help guide buyers and sellers through the acquisition process, providing advice and support at each stage.

Why use us to sell

Why use us? We offer a comprehensive and complete solution that includes the following:

  • We will look to discreetly and confidentially introduce you to a carefully targeted short list of suitable potential buyers as well as discreetly marketing you to a wider audience of possible buyers if required.
  • We offer a free consultation service by Zoom, telephone or in-person and only charge a one-off signing on fee of £350.00 + VAT to help us with the marketing of your business, once you commit to let us work on your behalf.
  • We work hard to understand the key elements of your business and will be able to give you a true and realistic current valuation.
  • We will arrange the initial call and meetings and help you to be prepared properly to get a positive result.
  • We will work and liaise with both parties throughout the process to help achieve the best possible results.

Our Seller Questionnaire

Taking the time to complete this fully will allow us to match you to suitable buyers precisely, save you time and help ascertain genuine interest from the buyer prior to initial conversations.

Why is it important to prepare your business for sale

It might seem obvious but a well-prepared and presented business typically fetches a higher sale price. Being able to demonstrate organized financial records, streamlined operations, and real usable data about your clients and revenue sources will put you in a stronger position and can significantly enhance its value.

A well-prepared business is more attractive to potential buyers. It demonstrates stability, growth potential, and reduced risk, making it more appealing to a wider pool of buyers.

Faster Sale Process: A well-prepared business where records and information are clear, well presented and transparent will often have a smoother sales process. This can reduce the time needed to close the deal, minimizing uncertainties and delays.

Reducing Risk: A business that is well-prepared that has addressed potential issues or risks, makes for a much less risky investment for potential buyers. This can mean a higher likelihood of closing the sale successfully and to maximise value.

Improving Business Performance: The process of preparing a business for sale often involves a close examination of your operations, financials, and structure. This process can reveal areas for improvement, leading to overall better business performance, even if the sale doesn’t happen now it will put you in a better position.

Legal and Financial Compliance: Ensuring that all legal and financial matters are in order reduces the risk of potential liabilities for both the seller and the buyer after the sale.

Negotiation Position: When a business is well-prepared, the seller can negotiate from a position of strength. They can showcase the strengths of the business and justify the asking price more convincingly.

Smooth Transition: A well-prepared business makes for a smoother transition for the new owner. Proper documentation, established procedures, and trained employees can facilitate the handover process.

Meeting Buyer Expectations: Buyers often have specific expectations and criteria when acquiring a business. A well-prepared business is more likely to meet these expectations, making the transaction more satisfying for both parties.

Maintaining Confidentiality: Having the business prepared beforehand allows for better control over the information shared during the sale process. This can help maintain confidentiality and prevent disruptions among employees or customers until the deal is finalised.

In essence, preparing your business for sale will help to ensure a smoother, more successful transition that benefits both the seller and the buyer.

Frequently asked questions

As a general rule practice is valued using a simple multiple of the GRF – Gross recurring fees. This is essentially the annual recurring turnover generated from clients. Current multiples will vary from as low as .75 to as high as 1.6 times.

In addition professional or one off consulting Fees may also have a value but less so as they are not certain.

If your business is larger in size then its value more on an EBITA basis or on profits taking into account the salaries or drawings taken by partners etc.

Yes, this is possible in fact sometimes clients want to sell of part of the business to help with work life balance or to free up some cash. However, unlike selling the whole practice the buyer might want to conduct greater due diligence to ensure they know you are not cherry picking the clients. It is also worth considering that some clients may feel resentful to not remain with you.

This is vital consideration and the question we are asked most often. We work hard to maintain confidentiality throughout the process. We do not say who we are when calling but leave our name and state that it is a personal call. We will phone from a mobile number that does not appear on our website.

When we list a practice on our website or do a marketing email the details are kept anonymous other than basic generic info. We will only reveal your name and practice details to a potential buyer who has expressed an interest in speaking to you with your permission.

Like most things this will be determined by how keen and efficient the buyer and seller are. As general rule it will typically take anything from a few weeks to a year. Accountants For Sale are obviously paid on success so we will always be swift to act when required.
Payment is usually dependant on the size of the practice being sold. Typically, it is a two stage payment for a smaller firm. The first payment is made on completion and the second will be on the first anniversary of the deal. For larger businesses there are usually three stage payments, and the amounts will be negotiated to suit both parties. This is an area that Accountants For Sale has experience and can advise – broker solutions that work to both parties mutual benefit.
What is Clawback? This will typically be included within the sale agreement and means that should the acquirer lose fees -recurring income within an agreed time period typically twelve months then they will have the right to deduct a pro rata amount from the remaining balance due to be paid. If the acquirer invokes the clawback clause, then as the vendor you will retain the right of discovery and be able to conduct reasonable research to confirm the loss is real and the reasons behind it. The clawback clause can be worded to include or exclude certain clients or parts of the business and is agreed during negotiations between the vendor and the acquirer.
Yes you do this is an essential requirement Run Off Pi insurance is a legal requirement for a period of six years and is insurance cover for the seller in the unfortunate event that a client were to take legal action against the practice.
If you currently occupy an existing building on either Freehold or Leasehold basis, then it may be possible to negotiate this into the sale if the two parties can come to an arrangement. Equally as the seller be prepared to make separate arrangements if the buyer has no requirement for it.
Typically this will be included in the sale to be completed by the acquirer within the hand over period and the amount and value will have been agreed in the sale contract. With regards to debtors normally the seller will collect these.
This is of course negotiable to suit the clients and both parties. However, it is worth noting that sometimes it is better for the seller to exit the stage promptly and avoid getting in the way of the acquirer and their team.

It goes without saying that you will want to look after your loyal staff. Most buyers are generally keen to retain good people and of course this can also help to maintain the client relationship as well. We do have a number of HR professionals who we can recommend to either party to give advice should it be required.