I Am a Buyer

Accountants For Sale can help to ease the process of finding and purchasing a business, providing expertise, access to resources, and support that can be instrumental in helping you to make a successful acquisition.

Why use us to buy

We will work closely with you to truly understand what you are looking for and perhaps more importantly what you are not looking for. We will conduct a detailed fact find to understand the size of practice – firm you are looking for. What is your budget and where you are looking to make acquisitions.

By working in this way we can save you valuable time and money. Our brokerage fee is transparent, and we aim to be highly competitive.

Many of the sellers we work with may not be on the open market so we can offer you exclusive opportunities and we can also work with you to identify and discreetly approach targeted acquisitions.

We have some fantastic inhouse Chartered Accountancy expertise to help advise on deal structures and deal negotiation to help you achieve your aims and objectives.

Our Buyer Questionnaire

We are keen to ensure that we will only contact you with businesses that are going to be a good match for your specific requirements. Please complete this fully and we can save you time and help you to speak with those firms that meet your requirements and are going to be of real interest.

You may already be a seasoned and experienced buyer but if you are unfamiliar with the process here are some things to consider:

• Is this your first acquisition or do you have a track record?
If you have bought a practice or fees before this can certainly help put the vendors mind at rest. From previous experience you will know how to integrate fees, clients and be able to maximise retention.

• Do you have the funds in place?

It is a massive advantage if you are ready to proceed and the seller will usually give priority to that buyer. Even if you need to borrow or obtain funding it is worth getting this in place.

• Will you take on the sellers office/premises?

We will ask the seller if this is a requirement or not and we won’t introduce a firm to you if this isn’t an option for you.

• Do I have to take on the vendors team?
If there are existing staff in place then this needs to be considered carefully. If you don’t want or need to take them then there might significant redundancy payments having to be made by the vendor. However if they are required then they will need to be transferred into your business. We have a number of HR professionals who we can recommend and advise you.

• Where in the country are you looking to buy and what is your budget?
The number of practices available will vary dramatically depending on where you are located. However, once we understand where you are looking we can start to identify and introduce you to suitable opportunities.